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Innovation for health – Kaneka medical products

Kaneka Corporation is one of the pioneers developing and commercializing therapeutic apheresis products represented by Liposorber® and Liposorber® D for lipid-apheresis systems and Selesorb® for autoimmune diseases.

Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V. was established in 1994 and introduced to the market of plasma-apheresis systems in Europe and is since then one of the leading apheresis systems producing companies. In 2001 the whole blood apheresis system Liposorber® D was launched onto the European market. The simpleness combined with high efficacy highlights this product. Innovative technology cooperates excellent with Kaneka’s top medical devices.

Kaneka is challenging for further developments of innovative medical devices such as our new product lines catheters for percutaneous angioplasty in the field of

  • cardiology
  • neurology
  • radiology
  • nephrology
  • urology