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From cord blood and bone marrow to stem cells: Neonatal and adult stem cell processing made gentle


CellEffic CB – for processing of cord blood (CB). Among other cells, hematopoietic as well as non-hematopoietic stem cells are well recovered while red blood cells (RBCs) and plasma are reduced during processing of the CB (1).


CellEffic BM – for separation and harvesting of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) from human bone marrow (BM) fluid. The filter allows for efficient harvesting of MSCs (2) while concurrently reducing RBCs.

Key technological advantages of the CellEffic devices:

  • FILTRATION: Bypassing the use of centrifugation
  • POTENTIAL COST SAVING: No costs associated with machine, centrifuge, software or maintenance as the CellEffic devices are manual devices
  • REDUCTION IN CHEMICALS: Eliminating the need for chemicals besides 0.9 % NaCl solution, e.g. neither hydroxyethyl starch solution (HES) nor density centrifugation media are needed